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Bad beats are the one thing in poker we don’t want to experience but they are an inevitability. While some bad beats are brutal, some are downright funny because of the expression on player’s face.

Below we give you 11 classic examples of “bad beat face.”

The WTF Just Happened Face

If you’ve been voting in our contest to determine the greatest televised poker hand in history, then you know about the epic showdown where Andrew Robl’s quad nines lost to Toby Lewis’ quad queens.

However, it was Yevgeniy Timoshenko that provided the epic “WTF poker face.”

Timoshenko WTF

The Can You Believe This Guy Face

How could your opponent possibly have called your shove with aces holding 7-2? Then he won? Can you believe this guy? Nope, and neither can Mike Matusow.

Can You Believe This Guy

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The Curl Up in the Fetal Position Face

Ever take a bad beat and want to curl up into the fetal position. Phil Hellmuth did just that at the 2010 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars. Tony G later issued an open later questioning Hellmuth’s mental health. (It took him that long to start questioning it?)

Hellmuth Fetal Position

The Holy Crap My Royal Flush Got Paid Off Face

Justin Phillips had the most famous Royal Flush in WSOP Main Event history at the 2008 WSOP Main Event. He rivered the Royal at the same time that Motoyiki Mabuchi caught quad aces. Then the one thing happens to Phillips that he prayed would happen; Mabuchi moved all-in.

Phillips called and afterwards the realization hits him that he got paid off with the best possible hand in poker.

Royal Flush Payoff

The I Just Lost to a F’ing Cat Face

If chimpanzees can play poker, why not cats. Thanks to Instagram, we get this photo of a card playing feline and an opponent who doesn’t look too happy with how things are going.

Lost to a Cat

The What Level of Stupid Are You Face

Poker players make bad plays from time to time. When their bad play results in an epic bad beat, we are left wondering what level of stupid they are playing on.

We’re fairly certain Allen Kessler thinks this of his opponents on a regular basis and someone over at PokerListings caught him in mid-thought one day.

What Level of Stupid

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The Why Do I Have to Sit Beside the Naked Fat Guy Face

Sometimes a bad beat has nothing to do with the cards. Check out the face of the guy in this photo. Not the half-naked fat guy but the one sitting beside him.

Why Naked Fat Guy

The I Get to See Boobs Face

The guy on the left is about to take a wicked bad beat from the girl in the middle. He doesn’t care for obvious reasons. He didn’t read my article about avoiding distractions playing online poker.

I Get to See Boobs

The Wait, I’m Phil Ivey and I’m Not Supposed to Lose Face

Gus Hansen once said that the object of poker is to keep your money away from Phil Ivey for as long as possible. So imagine his surprise when he actually loses.

Ivey Actually Loses

The Grumpy Cat Bad Beat Face

This really needs no explanation.

Grumpy Cat Bad Beat

The Not Gonna Smack a Bitch Face

When you take a bad beat, all you want to do is smack the person that delivered it. PokerUpdate presenter Robbie Strazynski clearly suffered such a beat and is trying to refrain from “smackin’ a bitch.”

Not Gonna Smack a Bitch Face



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