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Phil Ivey and Dan Bilzerian are both major names in the world of gambling that have managed to transcend their sport. In recent years, Ivey has expanded his brand into the sports world and entertainment while Bilzerian has long been a social media superstar with various business ventures.

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Both men have their legions of fans with both sides arguing that their guy is the bigger baller. Today, we compare Phil Ivey and Dan Bilzerian and answer the question once and for all of which is the bigger baller.

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Net Worth – Advantage Bilzerian

One would assume that it would be a slam-dunk that Bilzerian would have the greater net worth thanks to his trust funds, business ventures and Hollywood roles. However, the difference in net worth between the two is less than you would think.

Headed to Miami on my big ass jet, because I’m rich #HumbleBrag

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

According to, Dan Bilzerian is currently estimated to be worth around $150 million while Phil Ivey has a net worth of around $100 million. While Ivey has the inferior net worth, the majority of Ivey’s worth can be attributed to poker while much of Bilzerian’s wealth allegedly comes from his family.

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Poker Skills – Advantage Ivey

Was there any doubt that Ivey would win out in a comparison of poker ability. Ivey has over $23 million in live tournament earnings, 10 WSOP bracelets, a WPT title and has an iconic poker face that strikes fear in the hearts of players. Dan Bilzerian’s tournament record consists of a single cash in the 2009 WSOP Main Event where he finished 180th for $36,626.

Of course, it is rumored that Bilzerian has won millions in live cash games. Last year, he claimed to have won $10 million in a single session of heads-up poker. While that’s impressive, that still pales in comparison to the scores that Ivey has had over the years.

Prior to Black Friday, Ivey won over $19 million on Full Tilt Poker. In 2006, he won over $21 million from Andy Beal over the span of three days as a member of the Corporation. Let’s also not forget that he skipped the majority of the 2015 WSOP in order to play cash games in Macau.

In early 2014, Bilzerian claimed that Ivey was broke. Ivey then proceeded to go out and win the $250,000 Challenge at Aussie Millions for $3.58 million. Bilzerian hasn’t spoken about Ivey since.

Epic Beard Factor – Advantage Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian clearly wins when it comes to the “epic beard factor.” The owner of one of the more iconic beards on the planet, Bilzerian has employed women in the past just for the sole purpose of stroking it – his beard that is. Men wish they could grow his epic beard, hoping it will make them sexier to the average woman while ultimately failing.

I think @_andreeacristina has given me grey hairs

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Phil Ivey lacks a beard and fails epically fails in this category. The clean-shaven Ivey has to plod along based on his babyface looks and big stacks of cash. Oh, what a burden it must be to go through life beardless.

Marketability – Advantage Ivey

Despite his popularity on social media sites and in the gambling world, companies aren’t beating down Bilzerian’s door to have him promote their products. His general lifestyle is a bit too flamboyant for most advertisers.

On the other hand, Ivey has lived a lower key lifestyle and can be considered a “self-made” man. That may be why Chrysler chose to use Ivey to promote the 2015 Chrysler 300. Ivey League has also been promoted in major boxing events around the world, further advancing the Ivey brand. While you aren’t going to see Phil Ivey plastered all over TV commercials, we’d bet good money on companies choosing him over Bilzerian to promote their products in the future.

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Hot Chick Factor – Advantage Bilzerian

While Phil Ivey is the man when it comes to poker, can anyone deny that Dan Bilzerian is the man when it comes to the ladies? Just spend two minutes on his Instagram account and you will see the number of hot women that rotate through his life.

Bilzerian claims that he tells all his girls up front that they are just there for “fun only” so those that stay are choosing to do so. Yes, we realize that many are just there for the exposure and his money but isn’t that the way of the world?

We’re not saying that Phil Ivey doesn’t attract his own share of fine women. Anyone that watched the old training videos on the now defunct Ivey Poker will see that he appreciates a fine woman. The difference is that Bilzerian trumps Ivey when it comes to the number of available hotties by a factor of 20.

Of course, one can argue that Ivey is saving a boatload of money by not having a revolving door of girls coming through his home. Still, we think that most guys would rather be Bilzerian’s wingman.

‘Merica Factor – Advantage Bilzerian

When it comes to the ‘Merica factor, Bilzerian obliterates Ivey. There’s nothing that Bilzerian won’t try and he will take the world along for the ride. Drive a tank and shooting dual rocket propelled grenade launchers? Sure! Have a pool party with 50 half-naked women to celebrate the grooming of his pet goat bubbles? What’s a party without a goat?

Anti-gun activists hate Bilzerian because he owns nearly 100 guns, and why not. ‘Merica! We’ve even heard that Bilzerian may buy the General Lee and then drive it while wearing a Confederate flag jumpsuit. Why? Because ‘Merica, that’s why. When it comes to shoving freedom down your face, Dan Bilzerian is going to do it.

By the way, did we mention that Dan Bilzerian is running for President of the United States? Can you imagine the inauguration party? Congress may try to impeach him before he even gets that far. And who will be the first lady? Or should we say the first, second, third, four and fifth lady?

Phil Ivey, we love you but you just don’t have the ‘Merica factor outside of supporting online poker. Maybe Bilzerian can loan you a couple of guns and tell you where to buy a goat.

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Dan Bilzerian is the Bigger Baller

While Phil Ivey may be the superior poker player, his game comes up short when compared to Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian has the money, the women and the ‘Merica factor that fans around the world crave. And while it may be true that Ivey will make history in the poker world, Bilzerian is the man that America and the world wants to party with.


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