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The majority of the poker world considers the winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event the “World Champion of Poker.” While the WSOP Main Event is the premier event in poker, it is not the only major poker tournament played during the year.

The WPTtrophy, EPT, LAPT, APPT and other poker tours hold major events annually that many consider comparable to the Main Event in terms of prestige. Some would contend that certain events are more prestigious, such as the WPT World Championship.

With so many high-caliber events held annually around the world, it is hard to still consider the WSOP Main Event winner poker’s “World Champion.” That is why we suggest the creation of a new Poker World Championship event bringing together the top players from major events from around the world and online.

Winners from Every Major Poker Series to Compete

When considering how to crown a true world champion, we took at look at the major poker events spread around the world and even considered certain major online poker events. Eventually, we made a list of the top poker tournaments in the world based on prestige and determined that those champions should be the ones that compete for the title of “World Champion.”

Below is the list of poker champions that we believe should compete for the annual title of Poker World Champion:

·     WSOP Main Event Champion

·     WPT World Championship Winner

·     Aussie Millions Winner

·     EPT Grand Final Winner

·     PCA Champion

·     WSOP Circuit Global Champion

·     LAPT Grand Final Champion

·     APPT ACOP Champion

·     WCOOP Main Event Winner

You may notice that every major poker tour is included as well as the WSOP Circuit, Aussie Millions and the PCA champion. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is the premier online poker tournament series and their champion should have a seat at our World Championship Final Table.

This event has the potential to provide a greater sampling of poker talent from around the world. While the WSOP Main Event draws a massive field, it is still predominately American. Many players are not able to make the journey to Las Vegas to play in the Main Event. A World Championship event would virtually guarantee an international event rather than a table of Americans and token international players.

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Year-Long Promotion to Build Frenzy and Make Participants Superstars

A true World Championship of Poker deserves promotion year-round and the above events would ensure that the championship would stay relevant to players. Starting with the PCA and Aussie Millions in January and continuing throughout the year, the poker world would follow with anticipation to see who earns a spot. Then the constant speculation and promotion for the players would further build excitement for the event.

The Global Poker Index is looking to sportify poker and this would be a great promotional vehicle for the company. They could either become a major sponsor for the event or maybe even the driving force behind the event. After all, this isn’t a random event where we don’t know who really has a shot of winning. This is a table of champions that would each be able to stake their claim to the world title.

This event would serve to promote champions in a more enhance way than even the November Nine, in that each participant is already a champion. Of course, the odds of “big names” winning their way in to this Poker World Championship event would be much higher than in the WSOP Main Event. With Poker Central about to launch, an event like this could provide a plethora of material for them to produce. What better way to promote an event than with your own dedicated poker network?!

Winner Takes All For the Title

Some may argue that such an event should be played for the “love of the game” or for the challenge of becoming a true World Champion of Poker. With that said, respectfully, most of us know that tournament players don’t really put forth their best effort unless there’s some type of financial reward.

As such, the World Championship of Poker ought to be a winner-take-all event awarding a minimum of $1 million to the eventual champion. A prize of $5 million would be more fitting for such a prestigious title. This would give players the added motivation to play their “A” game and go for the win.

Surely, by now many of you are probably thinking “where will the money for the prize pool come from?” That’s where the Global Poker Index, Poker Central and other organizing bodies would step in. This event would be televised (as well as live streamed on Twitch) and would make a great promotional vehicle for sponsors.

The organizing bodies for this event would need to work diligently with sponsors to raise the money for the prize pool. To be sure, there’s plenty appeal. This event is one where a top-tier sponsor may actually pull the trigger due to the year-round buildup and the international audience. How awesome would it be to have this event sponsored by Ford, Budweiser or another top-level brand?

Championship Still Technically the “World Champion of Hold’em”

While this Poker World Championship would determine an ultimate champion each year, it is still technically just the World Championship of Texas Hold’em. There are still going to be detractors out there who will claim that the winner of this championship would just be a champion in one game. While this is true, the reality is that Texas Hold’em is the only poker game that most poker players, fans, and enthusiasts really care about.

While it is true that mixed games have their following, millions of players play Texas Hold’em exclusively and that is the only form of poker that matters to them. Look at the schedule of any major or minor poker tournament series and you’ll find that the majority of events feature Texas Hold’em. Some venues even run Hold’em-only tournament series, as that’s where the money is.

The Poker Boom didn’t happen because Omaha Hi-Lo or Badugi captured the imagination of millions. It was Texas Hold’em that created the Poker Boom and whether you love or hate the game, it is the game that drives the poker world. As such, it is fitting that the game determining the World Championship of Poker be Texas Hold’em.

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