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Every summer, thousands of players from around the world travel to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker. While many come out for the entire summer, many are only coming for a short time and must maximize their playing experience.

Which events are the best to play at the WSOP? Like everything else in poker, it depends. Today we will look at how to decide which events you should play at the WSOP.

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What’s Your Best Game?

When planning your trip to the World Series of Poker, you need to check the schedule for events that fit your best game. This even applies to those going to play Texas Hold’em events. Remember, your options for Hold’em includes full ring events, six-max, eight-handed, heads-up, shootout events, and more.

Even if you prefer to play something other than NL Hold’em, the World Series of Poker is for your. Every form of poker imaginable is spread during the series and those with strong non-Hold’em games can find themselves in contention for a bracelet.

Some players will head to the WSOP and play several events hoping to “run good” in one or more events. However, you best option for running well is to pick the games that you play the best and focus your attention to those events.

What’s Your Bankroll?

Next, how much are you planning to spend at the WSOP? Are you planning on buy-in in directly or trying to earn you seat via a satellite? For those that have a healthy bankroll, you can pretty much pick and choose the events you want to play.

Other players will have to run well in satellites in order to pick their events. There have been players in the past that rely on winning their way into events and are not able to play for days or even weeks at a time when their satellite play isn’t going as planned

You will be best suited to look at the schedule and plan a bankroll to buy-in directly for your desired events. If you can satellite your way in, even better! Maybe you can play a couple extra events.

How Much Time Can You Commit?

For a majority of players at the WSOP, the choice of which event to play boils down to how long they can stay in Las Vegas. Most players are unable to stay the full six-weeks. Some may only be able to come out for a week or two while others can only come out for a set number of days or even just a weekend.

For those that are coming out for a short series or just a couple of days, your best bet would be to pick a time where you can play in your best game. If not, or if you goal is to merely participate in the WSOP, then you might want to play on a weekend or in an event that maximizes your potential win should you run deep.

If you know your time will be limited, you should start planning your trip as soon as the schedule comes out so you can pick the event that best works for you, setup your hotel and start putting together your bankroll.

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WSOP is Not All About Bracelets

For those that have never played at the World Series of Poker, you should know that the series is more than just bracelet events. Every day, the WSOP hosts hundreds of cash games and several deepstack tournaments that can serve as bankroll builders.


For players that are experienced and comfortable playing cash games in a casino environment, this is a great opportunity to supplement your bankroll. There are many players that exclusively play cash games during the WSOP and for good reason. WSOP cash games are among the best you will find in Vegas during the summer.

The daily deepstack tournaments are also solid investments for those that love poker tournaments and aren’t overly concerned with bracelets. These events at times pay over $20,000 to first place.  While that isn’t the same as winning a bracelet, it is a solid bankroll boost that you could potentially use to possibly win that bracelet.

When you make your WSOP plans, remember it is more than just bracelet events. The WSOP really does offer something for everyone, and “anyone can win.”

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