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It is no surprise that the largest online poker site in the world hosts the largest online poker tournament in the world every weekend. PokerStars offers the Sunday Million each Sunday, as it has for nearly a decade.

It started in 2007 when the PokerStars Sunday Million kicked off a weekly No Limit Hold’em tournament with a guaranteed prize pool. It quickly grew to become the most prestigious and anticipated online poker tournament each week, and everyone wanted to know how to win the Sunday Million.

Currently, the Sunday Million starts every Sunday at 14:30 ET, and the buy-in is $200+$15. However, most players win their seats through satellites, which are available on the site throughout each week. For as little as $0.55 or a few StarsCoin, players can work their way through smaller tournaments to earn seats into qualifiers and ultimately a seat to the Sunday Million.

As of January 2016, the guaranteed prize pool for the Sunday Million each week is $1 million. The first prize regularly exceeds $150,000, and the final table is then broadcast on from which players can watch and learn.

PokerStars SundayMillion

There is no secret to win the Sunday Million, as many of the top poker pros in the world have tried to win and have yet to do it. The tournament is a tough one and boasts of many of the top players in the game, so there must be some luck added to a player’s skill to get through the large fields.

To win the Sunday Million, players must learn to navigate throngs of players while staying patient and waiting for the right times to play hands. Playing satellites to earn a seat into the Sunday Million is a good way to warm up for the tournament, as those fields are tough as well.

Back to Basics

When a player asks how to win the Sunday Million, most pros will say that it boils down to basics. Start the tournament by playing premium hands, fold most hands, and wait for the best times to combine good hands with position to take down some pots. In order to play the entire tournament and then win the Sunday Million, a player must compete for many hours, so patience is the key to getting through it.

No matter what kind of good run of cards a player may be getting, it is always important to play smart and never forget the basics of position, bluffing, and pot odds. Luck certainly plays a role, but a solid base is necessary to win the Sunday Million.

Study the Game

One of the best tools for learning how to win the Sunday Million is watching the replays on PokerStars. Players who have won the tournament, especially the few who won more than once, say that watching instructional videos, analyzing hands, and participating in helpful poker forums are the best ways to figure out how to win the Sunday Million.

There is no one secret, and the Sunday Million remains one of the most challenging tournaments in the online poker world. There is no magic formula for how to win the Sunday Million, but time and patience will help pave the way to garnering some of that poker fame.


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